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Objective: "To build a nation that stands for its people and its national heritage with the help of  God  and the will of its people" President Darman
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We collect here for you to see what the world is saying about Somalia and we
would like to make it clear to our readers not to get confused by the Transitional
Federal Government this is the Exile government that the UN and others created
and now they have found out it is most corrupt thing on the planet they will sell
their body to get one dollar. They also call the Somali people fighting against the
Corrupt inapt exile TFG many names like Jihadest , or islamest or insurgents.
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Bomb blast in Somali nat'l theater kills many
BREAKING NEWS: Somalia news: 4 April 2012 A suicide bomber
walked into Somalia's newly reopened national theater during a
ceremony Wednesday and detonated his explosives. A survivor who
witnessed the blast said he feared many people were killed.
Uganda's nodding disease: 'I've lost hope"
Somalia news: 3 April 2012 In the north of Uganda, thousands of
children have fallen ill with a fatal, incurable disease known as
nodding disease. Communities are starting to panic and some people
are losing hope as the medical community struggles to either find a
cause or a cure, as the BBC's Will Ross reports
Somalia Unsafe for Refugees to Return
Somalia news: 31 March 2012 Kenyan authorities should not return
refugees to Somalia because of ongoing fighting and abuses against
civilians in areas controlled by Kenyan forces and allied militias,
Human Rights Watch said today. Instead of claiming that "newly
liberated areas" are safe for refugee return, Kenyan authorities
should reopen
Somalia: TFG Ex-President Abdullahi Yusuf dies in exile
Somali news: 24 March 2012 Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, the first
president of Somalia’s interim government, has died in exile at the age
of 77 after years of ill health.
Chatham House expert: Somali pirates are 'tempted
Somalia news: 22 March 2012 Adjoa Anyimadu, Africa specialist
research assistant at Chatham House has said that the ransom
demands over British holidaymakers in Somalia have risen
significantly over the years, as the temptation to earn money at any
cost is 'very clear
Somali, Ethiopian troops seize town, fighters flee
Somalia news: 22 2012  Ethiopian and Somali troops seized a town in
Somalia controlled by al-Shabab militants who fled after battles with
troops, residents said Thursday. Hundreds of residents and rebel
fighters fled Hudur, 420 kilometers (260 miles) southwest of
Mogadishu, as troops moved into town. A resident said the fighting
was over but sporadic gunfire could be heard.
Toulouse shootings: Mohamed Merah killed as siege ends
BREAKING NEWS: Somalia news: 22 March 2012 The French interior
minister, Claude Guéant, said Merah burst out of his bathroom firing a
gun when an elite police squad entered the flat at around 11:30am.
He fired at least 30 rounds of rapid ammunition at police, then jumped
out of a window while still shooting at officers. He was shot by a sniper
and appeared to have died from a bullet to the head
Judith Tebbutt heads home after Somalia kidnap ordeal
Somalia news: 22 March 2012 A British woman snatched by pirates
from an east African island was expected to return home on Thursday
after being released from captivity. Judith Tebbutt revealed she did
not know that they had killed her husband for two weeks after she was
kidnapped. Tebbutt, who was held hostage for more than six months
after being kidnapped off the Kenyan coast, said she was "hugely
relieved" to be free.
Jewish: A pre-schooler, his rabbi dad, paratroopers killed
Somalia news: 20 March 2012 Seven people have been killed and two
seriously injured in three attacks in southern France over the past
eight days. President Nicolas Sarkozy says the same person and
same handgun were behind all three attacks
Resistance to antibiotics could bring
Somalia news: 20 March 2012 Margaret Chan, director general of the
WHO, warned that bacteria were starting to become so resistant to
common antibiotics that it could bring about “the end of modern
medicine as we know it.”
American Jihadist Says He Fears 'Comrades'
Will Kill Him
Somalia news: 17 March 2012 It seems that all is
not well within Al-Shabaab, the Somali extremist
group allied to al Qaeda. A short video was posted
online Friday in which its best known propagandist,
an American citizen from Alabama, said he believes
that others in the group might attempt to
assassinate him
Kenya to list eight new oil exploration blocks
Somalia news: 16 March 2012 Exploration interest in Kenya and its
neighbours in eastern Africa has increased after oil deposits were
found in Uganda and natural gas in Tanzania and Mozambique
Former Child Soldier And Human Rights Activist Discuss Hopes
For Lubanga Verdict
African Warlord's Conviction Raises Questions
Somalia news: 15 March 2012 Officials of the International Criminal
Court in The Hague hailed the guilty verdict handed down on
Wednesday against Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga as a
breakthrough for global justice
Afghan mission into final phases, says David Cameron
Somalia news: 14 March 2012 The mission in Afghanistan is moving
into its "final phases", David Cameron has said, at a joint press
conference with US President Barack Obama
Panetta Is Safe After Car Ignites Near His
Plane at Afghan Base
Somalia news: 14 March 2012 KABUL, Afghanistan
— An Afghan breached security at a British air field
military base in southern Afghanistan, driving a
stolen vehicle onto a runway ramp and emerging in
flames as Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta
landed Wednesday morning, Pentagon officials said
al ShabaabAl says its suicide bomber behind blast
BREAKING NEWS: MOGADISHU-Somali 14 March 2012 - rebel group
al Shabaab said one of its suicide bombers was responsible for an
explosion inside the heavily protected TFG compound on Wednesday
and warned of more blasts
Somalia: 3 dead in blast in TFG compound
BREAKING NEWS: Somalia 14 March 2012 Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda,
the spokesman for the AU force known as AMISOM, says the
Wednesday blast happened near the home of the parliamentary
speaker. officials said the blast was caused by a suicide bomber
Somalia insurgents expel Save the Children
BREAKING NEW: Somalia news: 13 March 2012 Al-Qaida-linked
Somali insurgents say they are expelling British aid group Save the
Children from areas under their control. A Tuesday statement from
the al-Shabab militia says Save the Children distributed 4,470 cartons
of expired porridge to children, was corrupt and offered bribes
Dangerous waters: Running the gauntlet of Somali pirates
Somalia news: 13 March 2012 Several ships have been approached
and attacked in the past few days. More than 100 sailors are still
being held to ransom on the Somali coast
Somalia news: 12 March 2012 BRITISH Special Forces are fighting a
covert war in Somalia against Islamic militants. Up to 60 commandos
are working on the ground with Kenyan forces to target terrorists
inside the East African state
NASA: Earth will not be destroyed in 2012;
Somalia news; 11 Mmarch 2012 The U.S. space agency NASA again
on Saturday sought to debunk the latest round of conspiracy theories,
releasing a new video that downplays concerns that the world will end
in 2012. Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
released the video, addressing concerns related to the “Mayan
apocalypse,” which some people believe predicts the end of the Earth
in 2012.
Ethiopian troops clash with Al-Shabab in Somalia
somalia new: 11 March 2012 There were differing accounts of which
side bore the brunt of casualties in the small town of Yurkud early on
Saturday, the heaviest clashes involving Ethiopian troops since they
returned to Somalia in force last year after withdrawing in early 2009
Kenya says troops to continue with pacification in Somalia
Somalia news; 11 March 2012 "Pockets of Al-Shabaab managed to
carry out attacks about 15 km from the common border of Kenya and
Somalia even as the troops have advanced close to 100 km inside
Somalia," he told journalists
Five feared dead in Nairobi explosion
Breaking news: Somalia news: 10 March 2012 At least five people
were feared dead after a series of blasts ripped through Landhies
Road near the Country Bus Station in Nairobi Saturday
Shabab and Ethiopian troops clash in Somalia
Somalia news: 10 March 2012 Scores of people have been killed after
the Somali armed Islamist group al-Shabab attacked Ethiopian troops
in a town close to the border of both countries
Kenya on US blacklist over terrorism laws
Somalia news: 6 March 2012 The US has put Kenya on a blacklist of
countries that do not support the fight against terrorism. And it has
given Kenya a three-month ultimatum to enact laws that criminalise
financing of terrorist activities
Turkish Airlines Reaches Somalia
Somalia news: Mogadishu, Mar 6 2012 (Prensa Latina) A Turkish
Airlines aircraft landed on Tuesday at Aden Adde Airport in this city,
after 22 years without the country receiving an international
commercial flight from a large airline
U.S. Assistance to the Transitional Federal Government
Somali news: 6 March 2012 Question: Please provide a response to
reports that the Somali Government spent only $1 million on social
services last year, but received $58 million in aid. Will this affect US
aid to Somalia going forward
Rep. Donald Payne of New Jersey Dies at 77
Somalia news: 6 March 2012 The 12-term member of the House had
announced in February that he was undergoing treatment for colon
cancer and would continue to represent his district. He was flown back
home to New Jersey on Friday from Georgetown University Hospital as
his health took a sudden turn for the worse
London Conference stripped Somalia of its
The communiqué of February 23 Conference on
Somalia, dominated by the International Contact Group
(ICG) and the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of
Somalia fell far short of all expectations
Somalia promises west oil riches as diplomats vow
Somali news: 26 February 2012 Around the same time, Somali
diplomats say an offensive against al-Shabaab militia in the south of
the country, backed by US drone strikes, should have damaged the
Islamist group's "effective fighting capability"
Charcoal exports from Somalia banned
Somalia news: 26 February 2012 It also approved expanding the
African Union Mission in Somalia from 12,000 to 17,731 troops to
buttress the weak Somali government against Al Shabab rebels.
"Charcoal exports from Somalia are a significant revenue source for
Al-Shabaab and also exacerbate the humanitarian crisis," the
resolution said
Hope, sceptism, cynicism at another Somali peace drive
Somalia news: 25 February 2012 Somalis on Friday welcomed the
latest international plan to end 20 years of war, anarchy, rape and
starvation, but analysts said the efforts offered no new solutions for
the protracted crisis
Somalia al-Shabab militant base of Baidoa captured
BREAKING NEWS: Somalia news: 22 February 2012 Ethiopian and
Somali troops have taken a strategic stronghold of Islamist militants in
south-western Somalia. Eyewitnesses told the BBC that about 50
vehicles, including some 20 tanks, had entered Baidoa, which was not
defended. The BBC's Mohamed Dhore in the capital, Mogadishu,
says Baidoa was the most important al-Shabab base after the
southern port of Kismayo.
Somali Children as Human Shields in Combat, Abused
Somalia news: 22 February 2012 armed Islamist group Al-Shabab are
increasingly recruiting young children to fight alongside them and act
as human shields on the battlefields, Human Rights Watch (HRW)
said on Tuesday
Goods worth Dh20m went up in flames in Dubai
Somalia news: 19 February 2012 A day after the fire that destroyed
two dhows on the Dubai Creek, businessmen whose goods were
loaded on the vessels, were struggling to come to terms with the
situation. Dozens of Somali businessmen gathered near the remains
of the dhows on Sunday morning, trying to salvage goods from the
scattered debris
Global effort to rebuild Somalia excluding Shabaab-controlled
Somali news: 16 February 2012 According to a leaked version of the
final communique of the conference, published by the Somalialand
Sun, said international support for the fledgling state should be
directed to areas where local leaders had rejected Shabaab, which it
terms areas of stability
Fasting 'may be way to beat cancer'
Somalia news: 11 February 2012 Going without food for short periods
may combat cancer and boost the effectiveness of treatments, an
early animal study has suggested. Fasting on its own slowed the
growth and spread of tumours in mice, scientists found. When it was
combined with chemotherapy, some serious cancers were cured.
Researchers are already looking at the effects of fasting on human
Zawahiri says Somalia's Shebab joined Qaeda: video
BREAKING NEWS: 10 February 2012 Somalia's extremist Shebab
fighters have joined ranks with Al-Qaeda, the terror network's chief
Ayman al-Zawahiri announced in a video message posted on jihadist
forums on Thursdayr
Mogadishu 'car bomb explodes near cafe
BREAKING NEWS: Somalia news: 8 February 2012 At least 10
people have been killed and more than 20 people injured when a car
bomb exploded near a cafe in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, police
say. A police commander told the BBC it was a suicide attack
Maldives President Nasheed quits after police mutiny
Somalia news: 7 February 2012 The Maldives' first democratically
elected president resigned Tuesday after a police mutiny described
by his office as an attempted coup, capping three weeks of political
upheaval in the holiday paradise
Man Pleads Guilty in Somalia Terror Case
Somali news: 7 February 2012  Somali-American man has admitted
he raised money to help send people from Minnesota to Somalia to
fight with al-Shabbab
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Qarax ismiidaamin ah oo goor dhaw ka dhacay Tiyaatarka
WAR DEG DEG AH: Somali news: 4 April 2012 Wararka haatan naga
soo gaaraya xarunta Tiyaarka qaranka ee Magaalada Muqdisho ayaa
waxay sheegayaan in qarax aad u xoogan misane ismiidaamin ah uu
goor dhaw ka dhacay halkaasi xilli ay ku sugnaayeen mas'uuliyiin ka
mid ah dowladda KMG ee Soomaaliya
Shacabka ku Dhaqan Howlwadaag oo Cabanaya
Somali news: 31 March 2012 Shacabka ku dhaqan degmada
howlwadaag ee gobolka banaadir ayaa waxay babasho xoogan ka
muujinayaan xiliyada habeenkii ah rag ku labisan dareeska Ciidamada  
KMG iyagoona sheegay inay dhac xoogan u geystaan ciidamadaasi
Wasiirka arimaha dibadda Kenya oo ku go’doonsan Mali
Somali news: 22 March 2012 Wasiirka arimaha dibada ee dalka Kenya
Moses Wetangula ayaa ku go’doonsan dalkaasi Mali ka dib markii uu
halkaasi ka dhacay afganbi militiri.Wetangula ayaa isu diyaarinayay in
uu ka soo duulo dalkaasi Mali
Ximan iyo Xeeb oo u hanjabey diyaarado lagu arkay
Somali news: 22 March 2012 Cadaado: (Sh. M. Network) Maamulka
Ximan iyo Xeeb ayaa ku hanjabay in ay weerari doonaan diyaarado ay
sheegeen in ay joog hoose ku duulayaan oo lagu arkay deegaano
hoostaga degmada Cadaado ee gobolka Galgaduud
Ahlu-sunna oo dib ula wareegay Dhuusa-mareeb
WAR DEG DEG AH: Somali news: 20 March 2012 Wararka haatan
nasoo gaaraya ayaa sheegaya in ciidamada Ahlu-sunna Waljameeca
ay markale dib ula wareegeen gacan ku heynta magaalada
Dhuusa-mareeb ee xarunta gobalka Galgaduud, iyadoona subixii
maanta gacan ku haynta halkaasi ay la wareegeen Xarakada
Al-shabaab oo la wareegtay Dhuusamareeb
Somali news: 20 March 2012 Wararka naga soo gaaraya magaalada
Dhuusamareeb ee xarunta gobolka Galgaduud ayaa waxay
sheegayaan in dagaal culus oo la isku adeegsaday hubka noocyadiisa
kala duwan uu saakay aroortii hore ka dhacay magaaladaasi, kaas oo
u dhaxeeyay ciidamada Culimaa’udiinka Ahlu Sunna Waljamaaca iyo
kuwa Al-shabaab oo magaalada weerar ku qaaday
Madaafiic markale xalay lagu garaacay Villa Soomaaliya
Somali news: 20 March 2012 Kadib habeen ka hor madaafiic lagu
garaacay Xarunta Madaxtooyada villa Soomaaliya oo ay ku dhinteen
dad rayid ah iyo ciidamo ka tirsan AMISOM ayaa markale habeenkii
xalay madaafiic qasaare geysatay lagu weeraray xaruntaasi
Jugta Culus iyo Rasaast Oo Caawa Muqdisho isku dhacday
Somali news: 19 March 2012 Waxaa weli magaalada Muqdisho ka
socda dagaal culus oo caawa fiidkii ka bilaawday galbeedka
magaalada waxayna dagaaladu kusii fidayaan deegaano hor leh
Al-Amriki oo ka baqdin qaba in ay qaarijiyaan Shabaab
Somali news: 17 March 2012 (Sh. M. Network) Abuu Mansuur Al-Amriki
oo ka mid ah hogaamiyayaasha Ajaanibta ah ee ka tirsan Al
Qaacidada Soomaaliya ayaa haatan waxa uu ka cabsi qabaa in ay si
gaadmo ah u qaarijiyaan Al Shabaab
KMG iyo AMISOM ayaa maanta isku fidiyay Muqdisho
Somali news: 16 March 2012 KMG oo kaa shanaya kuwa Midowga
Afrika ee AMISOM ayaa maanta waxay la wareegeen Deegaanno hor
leh oo ku yaala Duleedka Magaalada Muqdisho.
Warbixin ka hadlaysay ergaga gaarka ah ee Q.M ee Somaliya
Somali news: 14 March 2012 East afrika ayaa horaantii 2010 waxaa
xilka kaaliyaha xoghayaha guud ee QM ee Soomaaliya uu kala
wareegay Axmed Walad Cabdalla oo xiligaasi is casilay kadib markii uu
isku keenay hal dowladna uu ka wada dhigay KMG iyo garab ka mid
ahaa Isbaheysigii dib uxureynta somaliya oo lagu dhisay Asmara
Abwaan Hadraawi iyo qisadii heesta HOOYO - Universal TV
Qarax qasaaro gaystay oo ka dhacay Villa Somaliya
WAR DEG DEG AH: Somali news: 14 March 2012 (Sh. M. Network)-
Qarax qasaaro gaystay ayaa  iminka ka dhacay  iridka hore ee
Madaxtooyada Villa Soomaaliya halkaasi oo Xarun u ah  KMG.
Qarax goor dhaweyd laga maqlay Baydhabo
Somali news: 14 March 2012 Sida ay inoo sheegeen dad goob joog
ah, qaraxa ayaa ahaa miino ay qarxiyeen ciidamada Itoobiya iyo kuwa
dowlada taasi oo ku aasneyd geed ku agyaala hotelka Rinjeele ee
magaalada Baydhabo
Kenya oo shidaal ka qodaneysa gudaha dalka Somaliya
Somali news: 13 March 2012 Sida ay qortay Shabakadda Petroleum
Afrika ayaa waxay muujinaysaa in shirkadda Anadarko Petroleum Corp
ay sahamin ku sameysay Qeybo ka mid ah dhul badeedka Soomaaliya,
iyadoo shidaal baaris heshiis kula gashay dowladda Kenya
Koonfur Africa oo dib u soo celineysa xiriirkii diblumaasi
Somali news: 13 March 2012 Dowlada Koonfur Afrika ayaa sheegtay in
ay dib u bilaabayso xiriirkii diblumaasi ee ka dhexeeyey labada dal ee
Soomaaliya iyo Koonfur Afrika
Abu Mansuur oo u digay ciidanka Itoobiya ee jooga Baydhabo
Somali news: 13 March Mid ka mid ah hogaamiyaasha Al Shabaab ee  
Abu Mansuur Rooboow ayaa marki ugu horeysay ka hadlay ciidanka
Itoobiya ee qabsaday Baydbao
Kenya oo shaaciday tirada ciidamada ka jooga Soomaaliya
Somali news: 13 March 2012 Dowladda Kenya ayaa markii ugu
horeysay waxay shaaciday tirada ciidamada ka jooga gudaha dalka
Soomaaliya iyo ciidamo kale oo ay sheegtay inay dhawaan ku biirin
doonto ciidamada haatan ka jooga gobolaa Jubbooyinka iyo Gedo ee
koonfurta Soomaaliya
Qaraxyo dhimasho iyo dhaawaca oo caawa gil gilay Nairobi
Somali news 10 March 2012 Nairobi 3 ruux ayaa ku dhimatay ku
dhawaad 20 kalana dhaawacyo ayaa kasoo gaaray kadib marki qarax
lagu weeraray goob laga raaco basaska oo ku taala magaalada
Nairobi ee caasimada dalka Kenya  
Muscab oo si faah faahsan uga hadlay  khasaaraha Yurkud
WAR DEG DEG AH: Somalia news: 10 March 2012Xarakada Al
Shabaab oo dagaalo culus la-gashay Ciidamadda Dowladda Itoobiya,
ayaa waxay maanta sheegtay inay 75 askari uga dishay dagaalo culus
oo ay maanta kula gashay Deegaanka Yurkud ee Gobolka Baay
Qasaarihii ugu weynaa oo Itoobiya kasoo gaaray Dagaal
Somalia news: 10 March 2012 Dagaal aad u culus oo Saakay salaaddii
ka billowday duleedka Deegaanka loo yaqaan Yurkud kuna sii fiday
Gudaha Tuulada Yurkud Saacado badanna socday ayaa Faahfaahinta
naga soo gaareysa waxay tibaaxeysaa in Ciidamada Itoobiya
dagaalkaas looga dilay ku dhawaad 80 Askari oo Itoobiyaan ah, Iyadoo
2 kamid ah Askartoodana Maxaabiis ahaan loo watay
Dagaal ka dhacay duleedka Baydhabo ee gobolka Bay
Somalia news; 10 March 2012 (Sh. M. Network) Dagaal u dhaxeeyay
ciidamada  KMG iyo kuwa Xarakada Al Shabaab ayaa ka dhacay
galabta Maqribkii duleedka  Baydhabo ee Xarunta gobolka Bay, iyadoo
dagaalkaasina la sheegay in uu qasaare geystay
Shabaab oo caawa weerar ku qaaday Kaaraan
WAR DEG DEG AH: Somali news: 6 March 2012 Dagaalka oo bilowday
wixi ka danbeeyey 9:30 fiidnimo ee caawa ayaa ka socda halka loo
yaqaano Sarta Habar Gaalo, Burka Diikoow iyo agagaarka isbitaalka
Telefishinka Channel 4 ee laga leeyahay Ingiriiska
Somali news: 26 February 2012 Wariye Soomaali ah oo tegey
Deegaanno ka mid ah kuwa ay Alshabaab ka taliyaan ayaa soo
wareystay qaar ka mid ah Madaxda sare ee Alshabaab iyo weliba Dad
Shacab ah, Isagoo ka warreystay Arrimo badan  
Dagaal Xoogan oo xalay ka dhacay duleedka Qooqaani
Somalia news: 25 February 2012 Wararka ka imaanaya Degmada
Qooqaani oo ka tirsan Gobolka J.Hoose ayaa sheegaya in dagaal
xoogan uu xalay ku dhex maray Ciidamada Dowladda Kenya iyo kuwa
Xarakada al shabaab
Maxbuus Kenyaanti ah oo gacanta ugu jira Al-Shabaab
Somali news: 25 February 2012 Xarakada Al-Shabaab ayaa Video ay
soo galiyeen barta Internet-ka waxay ku soo bandhigeen Nin Kenyan
ah kaasoo dhawaan laga soo afduubtay gudaha dalka Kenya laguna
hayo Dalka Soomaaliya
Maraykanka oo Sheegtay Masuuliyadda Weerarkii NO-60
Somalia news: 25 February 2012 Saraakiil katirsan Sirdoonka
Maraykanka ayaa magaalada Washingtond ugu sheegay saxaafadda
in weerarkii koonfurta Soomaaliya ay ka dambeeyeen diyaaradaha
dagaalka aan duuliyaha lahayn, laguna dilay afar kamid ahaa Al
qaacida Soomaaliya
KMG iyo kuwa Itoobiya oo la wareegay Baydhabo.
WAR DEG DEG AH: 22 February 2012 Wararka haatan nasoo
gaaraya ayaa waxay sheegayaan in KMG ee isla markaana garab ka
helaaya kuwa Itoobiya ay la wareegeen gacan ku haynta guud ee
magaalada Baydhabo
Barakaat oo laga saaray Liiskii Xayiraadda Al-qaacida
Somalia news: 22 February 2012 liiska xannibaadaha ee Al-qaacida
shaqsiyaad iyo shirkado Soomaliyeed : Ahmmed Ali Jumale iyo 17
shirkadood, oo u badan shirkadihii la isku dhihi jiray "Barakaat
Gruoup of Companies" ayuu qaraarku caddeeyay in ay ka
qaadeen xannibaadihii saarnaa
Dagaal AMISOM iyo Xarakada Al-shabaab ka qarxay Hilwaa
Somalia news:19 February 2012 Dagaalka oo culus ayaa ku bilawday
weerar lama filaan ah oo ciidamada Al-shabaab ay ku soo qaadeen
fadhiisimo ay ku sugnaayeen ciidamada dowlada iyo kuwa AMISOM ,
iyadoona la isku adeegsanaayo hubka cul culus
Qaranxpress oo joojisay dhamaan howlihii xawaalada
WAR DEG DEG AH:Somali news: 18 February 2012 Wargelin
dhamaan Saamiliyada, wakiilada iyo macaamiisha shirkada Qaran
Express Shirkada Qaran Express waxeey cadeeynaysaa, kadib markii
ey soo foodsaartay xaalad culus oo dhinaca dhaqaalaha ah, in ay
awoodi wayday sii wadida adeegii ay bulshada u haysay,
(http://www.qaranexpress.com/), waxaana sidaas sheegay gudoomiya
shirkada Cabdulaahi Xaashi Jimcaali
ICG “Kenya Dagaal aaney ka fiirsan beey Soomaaliya
Somalia news: 16 February 2012 Hay’adda lagu magacaabo
International Crisis Group (ICG) Warbixin ay soo saartay ayaa lagu
sheegay in dowladda Kenya ay gashay dagaal aysan ka fiirsan Kadib
markii ay Dagaal aan Istiraatiijiyad lahayn ku qaadday Waddanka
Soomaaliya, Waxana ay Hay’addu sheegtay in Kenya aaney lahayn
Qibrad Dagaal islamarkaana ay si qar’iska-tuurnimo ah u qaadday
Dagaal caqabado badan leh.
Qacida oo ku dhawaaqay in Shabab iyo Qacida midoobeen
WAR DEG DEG AH: 10 February 2012 Cajalad muuqaal ah oo uu
kasoo hormuuqday hogaamiyaha Al Qacida sidoo kalana uu qeyb ka
ahaa cod ku dhex jiray cajalkaasi oo maqal ah oo uu soo duubay
hogaamiyaha Al Shabab, Sheekh Mukhtaar Abu Zubeyr ayaa lagu
sheegay in Al Shabaab ay si rasmi ah uga mid noqotay Al Qaacida
Faahfaahin  Dheeraad ah oo ka so  baxayso ismiidaamin ah
WAR DEG DEG AH: Somali news: 8 February 2012 inta la ogyahay 13
qof ayaa ku geeriyootay qarax ismiidaamin ah oo loo adeegsaday
gaari garib ah isla makraana laga soo buuxiyey waxyaabaha qarxa
kaasi oo ku qarxay goob hoteel ah oo hoos galbedkiisa ay ku
saahayeen dad badan
Al-Shabaab oo maanta lagala wareegay deegaano hor leh
Somalia news: 07.February.2012: Wararka naga soo gaaraya Gobolka
Jubada hoose ayaan sheegaya in maanta Ciidamada Kenya iyo kuwa  
KMG ay Al-Shabaab kala wareegeen deegaano hor leh oo katirsan
Gobolkaas kadib dagaal xoogan oo dhacay
Dagaal xalay TFG iyo Shabab ku dhexmaray Muqdisho
Somalia news: 7 February 2012 Sida ay wararku sheegayaan,
dagaalka waxa uu yimid marki xalay abaaro 11:00 habeennimo ay
dagaalyahano ka tirsan Al Shabaab weerareen xarunta Asluubta oo ku
taala Ex-koontarool halkaas oo ay fariisin ku leeyihiin TFG
Shabaab oo caawa weerar culus ku qaaday Luuq
WAR DEG DEG AH: Somali news: 4 February 2012 Dagaalka oo
bilowday wixi ka danbeeyey 8:00 fiidnimo ee caawa ayaa la sheegay
inuu ka dhacay bar koontarool oo ay TFG ku leeyihiin halka laga soo
galo Luuq, wararka qaar ayaa sheegaya in sidoo kale ay goobtaasi ku
suganyihiin ciidamo Itoobiyaan ah
TFG oo sheegtay Kudhaa iyo Shabaab oo beeniyey
Somali news: 4 of February 2012 TFG ayaa sheegtay in ay la
wareegeen deegaanka Kudhaa ee gobolka Jubadda Hoose kaddib
howlgal ay halkaasi ka fuliyeen TFG oo garab ka helaya ciidammada
dowladda Kenya
Milateriga Kenya oo Sheegay in Duqeyn ay ku dileen 100
Somalia news: 4 February 2012 Maj. Emannuel Chirchir, afhayeenka
Milateriga Kenya ayaa ka dhawaajiyey in diyaaradaha dagaalka
dowladda Kenya duqeyn ay shalay ak geysteen ay ku dileen dagaal
yahano katirsan Xarakada Al-shabaab sida uu hadalka u dhigay
Mareykanka oo sheegtay in Itoobiya, Kenyaiyo Jabuuti
Somalia news: 1 February 2012 Dowladda Mareykanka ayaa markii
ugu horeysay waxay sheegtay in dalalka safka hore  ee Itoobiya,
Kenya iyo Jabuuti ay dano gaar ah ka leeyihiin dalka Soomaaliya, wax
ka baxsan intaasina aysan ciidamadooda u gelin Soomaaliya
Qarax dhacay Baladweyne iyo rasaas ay fureen  Itoobiya
WAR DEG DEG AH: 1 February 2012 Qaraxan oo la sheegay in uu
ahaa nooca miinnada dhulka lagu aaso kaasoo lala beegsanayey
ciidammada Itoobiya oo marayay halka loo yaqaanno Buundo
Koowaad, lamina oga khasaaraha ka dhashay qaraxaasi
Gen Qeybdiid oo ka warbixiyey weerar Isqarxin
Somalia news: 31 January 2012 Gen: Cabdi Xasan Cawaale Qeybdiid
oo ahaa Wasiirkii hore Macdanta iyo Biyaha xukuumadda KMG
Soomaaliya ayaa ka warbixiyey weerar is qarxin ah oo maantay lagu
soo qaaday Hoygiisa Koonfurta Magaalada Gaalkacyo ee gobolka
Mudug isagoo dhinaca kale  ku eedeeyey mas uuliyada weerarkaasi
Xarakada alshabaab
“Qarax Caawa ka Dhacay Magaalada Beledweyne
Somalia news: 5 January 2012Wararka caawa naga soo gaaraaya
magaalada Beledweyne ee xarunta gobolka Hiiraan ayaa sheegaaya in
qaraxa geystay khasaare dhaawac oo soo gaaray dadka rayid ah uu
caawa ka dhacay bariga magaaladaasi