Chairman of the Parliament of Somalia, Hon. Mustaf M. Guudoo
Somalia on the world press.
We collect here for you to see what is the world is saying about Somalia and we would like to make
it clear to our readers not to get confused by the Transitional Federal Government this is the Exile
government that the UN and others created and now they found out it is the most corrupt thing on
the planed they will sell their body to get one dollar.  
They also call the Somalia people fighting against the Corrupt inapt exile TFG many names like
Jihad est, or islamest  or insurgents.
Qatar suspends visa curbs plan  

Qatar has suspended plans to make visitors from many countries obtain
visas before they travel, Qatari media and an airline industry source said.
News of the plan, floated earlier this month, surprised investors and drew
objections from airlines and tourism-related businesses, and local media,
the source said.
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Somali pirates seize 3 Thai ships with 77 crew
NAIROBI, Kenya – Somali pirates hijacked three Thai fishing vessels with
77 crew aboard more than 1,200 miles (1,930 kilometers) from the Somali
coast, the farthest-off-shore attack to date, the EU Naval Force said
Tuesday. Pirates have expanded their range south and east in response
to an increase in patrols by European and American warships off the
Somali shore. The hijacking of the three Thai vessels happened Sunday,
said Cmdr. John Harbour, a spokesman for the EU Naval Force. The
attack took place well outside the area that the EU force operates in, he
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Maliki Detained Hundreds of Sunnis in Secret Baghdad Prison

In news that is raising serious questions about the human rights record of
the US-backed Iraqi government, installed in the wake of the 2003 US
invasion of the nation, officials are confirming that Prime Minister Nouri al-
Maliki has been operating a secret prison in Baghdad since at least
The prison operated directly under the prime minister’s own office, though
Maliki denied any personal knowledge of its existence or the endemic
torture detainees faced there.
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European regulators allowed some

airports to reopen Tuesday, even as
pilot groups and scientists called for
more caution before putting planes back
into European skies clouded by volcanic
Airports in Scotland and northern
England reopened Tuesday. A
spokesman for airport operator BAA
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Universities Ban iPads
Even though the Apple iPad  has received much praise for its design and
user interface, there are many who aren't so enamored with the device.
That includes a couple American universities that are having problems
with the iPad on their networks.
The problem stems not from the iPad's popularity but from the way it
connects to wireless networks. Princeton University in New Jersey has
blocked 20 percent of the iPads on campus because of "malfunctions that
can affect the entire school's computer system."
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New ash cloud heading for UK
Scottish airports should open at 7am and more airspace over England
may become available from 1pm although not as far south as the main
London airports, Nats said in a statement.

The company added that the situation for Northern Irish airports is
uncertain, due to the latest information from the Met Office on the plume
of ash.
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Lone StarWhy Texas is doing so much better economically than
the rest of the nation.
Once a separate nation, Texas has recently been behaving more like an
independent economic republic than a regular state. While it hasn't been
immune to the problems plaguing the nation, the Texas housing market,
employment rate, and overall economic growth are relatively strong.
Chalk some of this up to accidents of geology and geography. But Texan
prosperity also reflects the conscious efforts of a once-parochial place to
embrace globalization.
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Jolie troubled by Somali unrest
Geneva - US actor Angelina Jolie said on Monday
she was concerned by the increasingly heavy
impact of conflict in Somalia on civilians."I am
deeply troubled by the complete and utter disregard
for human life in Somalia," said Jolie, a goodwill
ambassador for the Geneva-based UN refugee
agency (UNHCR).
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Engineers Generate Electricity by Tapping Into Algae Cells
ScienceDaily (Apr. 13, 2010) — In an electrifying first, Stanford scientists
have plugged in to algae cells and harnessed a tiny electric current. They
found it at the very source of energy production -- photosynthesis, a
plant's method of converting sunlight to chemical energy. It may be a first
step toward generating "high efficiency" bioelectricity that doesn't give off
carbon dioxide as a byproduct, the researchers say.
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Top Qaeda Leaders in Iraq Killed in Raid
BAGHDAD — Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki announced Monday that
two top insurgent leaders had been killed, including a somewhat mythic
figure who has operated under the name Abu Omar al-Baghdadi. Mr.
Baghdadi has been reported dead or detained several times previously,
and his very existence had been called into question a few years ago by
American military leaders.  
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Stranded Britons: Rescue plan
The UK government's plan to rescue stranded British citizens around the
world is developing. This is what we know so
far - more details are emerging through the
day. Bookmark this page and come back to
it regularly to find out more information.
Before travelling, check the most up to date
details with British consular officials as the
situation is subject to change.
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Volcano Ash Paralyzes Northern Europe's Airways
Thick drifts of volcanic ash blanketed parts of rural Iceland on Friday as a
vast, invisible plume of grit drifted over Europe, emptying the skies of
planes and sending hundreds of thousands in search of hotel rooms,
train tickets or rental cars.The air traffic agency Eurocontrol said almost
two-thirds of Europe's flights were canceled Friday, as air space
remained largely closed in Britain and across large chunks of north and
central Europe.
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Guns galore in Yemen

A man driving a tank stops at a military
checkpoint in Yemen. “Do you have
any weapons on you?” the soldier at the
crossing asks him. “No,” the tank driver
replies. “Okay,” the soldier says. “Go
right ahead.”Nothing could illustrate the
Yemeni weapons problem better than
this post-civil war joke. Yemen is swarming
with arms. An alarming figure recently published in the London-based A-
Sharq Al-Awsat suggests there are around three weapons to every
Yemeni citizen, amounting to some 60 million units. The proliferation of
unlicensed weapons in Yemen has become one of the chief problems in a
country currently engaged in conflicts on three fronts.
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A wedding in transit
Stranded in Dubai due to the closure of airspace across Europe, Sean
Murtagh and Natalie Mead share an impromptu wedding ceremony with
family and friends in the UK via a live internet broadcast.

If you can not see or play this video it is because your browser is not
secure use FireFox or Google Chrome
Navy looks for ways other than armed patrols to fight Somali
pirates Washington
The US Navy will be unable to continue long-term operations against
pirates off the coast of Somalia, and it’s looking for other ways to solve
the growing problem, according to a top admiral.
As Somali pirates continue to find attacking cargo ships in the West
Indian Ocean profitable, they have become more and more aggressive,
forcing the international community to send naval ships from more than a
dozen countries to help patrol the vast waters off Somalia.
But the patrols are expensive and deprive the global fleet of precious
resources, and they can’t continue such costly operations, says Adm.
Mark Fitzgerald, the top naval commander in Europe and Africa.
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Nuclear city to be set up; Kingdom to use atomic energy for
JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia announced on Saturday
the establishment of the King Abdullah Nuclear
and Renewable Energy City in Riyadh and said
it would use atomic energy for peaceful purposes,
especially in industry, agriculture, mining, desalin
ation and medical field.A royal decree issued by
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah
said development of atomic energy is essential to
meet the Kingdom’s growing requirements for energy to generate
electricity, produce desalinated water and reduce reliance on depleting
hydrocarbon resources.
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Eyjafjallajokull: Impending Catastrophe?
The last time Eyjafjallajökull erupted, the outpouring of toxic ash went on
(intermittently) for around two years. If after 3 days European airspace is
closed down (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Czech Republic,
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden,
Switzerland, Ukraine have closed their airspace totally; Belarus, Croatia,
France, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Serbia, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and
Turkey have severe restrictions, some almost total), let us imagine what
can happen if this goes on for a couple of months. Or if the wind changes
and blows it south-west across Canada and the USA.
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Europe Flying Ban Is Extended
The flying ban over most of northern and central Europe has been
extended into Sunday, and the fallout from the Icelandic volcanic eruption
showed little sign of easing as airlines rolled out some contingency plans
to transport thousands of stranded travelers.

Some U.S. and Asian carriers have started to use airports in southern
Europe as staging posts by flying in larger aircraft, though inbound
passengers still have to find their own way via increasingly congested
ground transport links.
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Flight disruptions in Europe get even worse
The Associated Press
Saturday, April 17, 2010; 3:06 AM

LONDON -- Officials further extended no-fly restrictions over Europe
Saturday as a vast, invisible plume of grit continued to billow out of an
Icelandic volcano and drift across the continent.

The flight ban seemed likely to disrupt world leaders' plans to attend
Sunday's state funeral for Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife
Maria in the southern city of Krakow.
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Israel iPad Ban Puzzles Many
JERUSALEM—Israel this week has been blocking travelers from bringing
Apple Inc.'s new iPad into the country saying the device's wireless
technology threatens to create interference with other products, a move
that has puzzled people both in Israel and Silicon Valley.

The Ministry of Communications said the ban was instituted earlier this
week because the iPad's Wi-Fi wireless technology was built to the U.S.
standard, which allows stronger signals than those allowed in Europe and
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Somali, Ethiopian refugees in Fargo-Moorhead say killings in their
home country are genocide
Lisiten to the Audio click here
Moorhead, Minn. — Refugees living in the Fargo-Moorhead area
are trying to draw attention to what they say is genocide
happening in their home country of Ethiopia.
A documentary film about the war, called "Silent Cry," is showing
Wednesday evening at North Dakota State University in Fargo.
Violence is familiar to the people of Ogaden, a small area
originally part of Somalia, but given to Ethiopia after World War II.
The area has been caught in conflict between the two countries
for 50 years.
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UAE airlines offer refunds as ash cloud wreaks havoc on travel
Eugene Harnan
April 17. 2010 12:27AM UAE / April 16. 2010 8:27PM GMT
DUBAI // Thousands of planes were grounded across Europe for a
second day after Wednesday’s volcanic eruption in Iceland.
Tens of thousands of passengers attempting to pass through, depart
from or return to the UAE have been affected by the disruption, which is
having worldwide repercussions.
A spokesman for Dubai International Airport said there were 50 flight
cancellations yesterday and more could be on the way today.
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Hillary Clinton tells Israel to stop 'settlement activity' and
provoking Palestine
Hillary Clinton has said Israel must stop 'settlement
activity' and steer clear of comments that will provo
ke Palestinians.The US Secretary of State urged
"bold leadership" from all sides to resolve one of
the world's most intractable disputes.Speaking at
a dinner attended by the ambassadors of Israel
and several Arab states, Mrs Clinton urged Israel to "refrain from
unilateral statements and actions" that could undermine peace.
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Vision and Objective: "To build a nation that stands for its people and its national heritage with the help of Allah and the will of its people" President Darman
The president of
Somali Republic H.E.
Abdinur Ahmed
Darman was born in
Somalia to
Ambassador Dr.
Ahmed Mohammed
Darman and Ashkira Ali
Shendile. On 24th
October 1952. Left the
country when his father
was  accredited to the
United  Nations in
1962. Was out of the
country until when he
came back with
Operation Restore
Hope 1992.   
Became the President
of Somali Republic on
June 5th 2003 at the
National  Reconciliation
conference in Somalia
and in 12 august 2004
the Transitional
Parliament elected at
Arte in the Republic of
Djibouti reaffirmed the
election after President
Abdiqasim lost the
confidence vote
Somalia’s first
president talks
about the war
raging in his
his views on the U.
S.-led Global War
on Terrorism, and
how the Internet
may help educate
and unite his nation.

Darman is a U.S.-
educated engineer
who wants to
deploy distance
learning, Internet-
enabled health
care, and advanced
border security
technologies to
help unite his
people and bring
peace and security
back to the war-torn
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Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim the twins of somalia
The Somali
would like to make it
clear that the
following websites
are some of the  
independent Somali
websites.  And that
we do not have any
control of their
editorial and news
New currency
Because of the war in
Mogadishu  the capital
of the Somali Republic
the government has
decided to delay the
introduction of the new

Somali shilling the
ighting is now on the
fourth day.
President Darman
and his government
send condolence to
families and friends
of those who died
and wounded on the
unprovoked fire fight
with the UN created
exile Government
their Foreign  Army.
President Abdinur Darman
Somali Republic
The Somali
One hundred

will release the
emergency budget
for the republic of
Somalia for the first
time in 21 years.
This will be plan
to first elevate the
housing and health
problems. A meeting
will be called on the  
situation  of Somalia
by the president all
his cabinet and the
officials of the
parliament. This will
take into
consideration to all
by inviting some
other parties who
are going to take
part in the
development of the
country.  Elders and
NGOs will be asked
to come even they
will be ask to

play their role in
saving the nation.
The following will be
the full text of the
plan of the Somali
click  here
Somali will have new
notes as of  15 of
may 2009 these
notes will replace
the old ones that
are now in

The new Somali
notes will be one
shilling = to one
Euro  so see the
exchange rate
against some
currencies please
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A new Honorary
consular named
for the USA

Mr. Farid Seif was
nominated as the
Honorary consular for
The Somali Republic  to
the The United States of
America. Leaving in
Houston, Texas Mr. Seif
has shown the
Determination to be
part of the Re
establishment of good
relations with USA and
the help the Somali
people who need the
Assistance of the
Government of Somalia
President Abdinur Darman and Mr. Farid Seif the Honorary Conusular for Somalia
Chemical in
Bananas May
Prevent and
Treat HIV
chemical in
bananas has
been found to
inhibit HIV,
according to

research findings
from a University
of Michigan
Medical School
published in the
March 19 issue of
the Journal of
According to the
study authors,
this may lead to
the development
of inexpensive
microbicides to
prevent HIV
transmission and,
quite possibly,
novel compounds
to treat the
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This is the official website of the
Government of Somalia. But be aware that there is
Something Called by the World Transitional Federal
Government which is exile and it is referred to it as
the (TFG). We bring you this news on TFG as it is
seen by the world. The TFG has been Proven by theUN it is Corrupt and
unreliable. So who ever Read TFG news must be careful.
if you have any questions please feel free to send
your inquires to: we will
be happy to answer.
Maleeshiyaadka Shabaab oo mar kale la wareegay
Galcad iyo Masagawaa
Warar goor dhaw laga helay deeganada Galcad iyo
Masagwa aya sheegaya in maleeshiyaadka Shabaab ay
mar kale dagaal xoog leh ku galeen labada degmo.
Dagaalki saaka oo Shabaab deegaankaas laga soo
celiyey ayeey mar kele gudaha u galeen , waxaana sii
kordhaya kharaaraha ka dhashay dagaaladaas.
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Dagaaladi Masagawaa iyo Galcad oo sii xoogeystay
iyo Shabaab oo ka soo baxay aagagi saaka ay
Dagaaladi saaka qarxay deegaanada Galcad iyo
Massagawaa ayaa goor dhaweyd sii laba qarxay .
waxaana isu soo habar wacday dhmaan dadki
deegaanka ee weerarka kadiska ah ay ku qaadeen
kooxda Shabaab.
Dagaalo rogaal celis ah oo ay u dhanyihiin dadka
deegaanka ayaa Shabaab hada uga socda Galcad iyo
Massagawaa , waxaana la soo sheegayaa in
Shabaabka ay ka soo baxeen aagagii ay saaka soo
galeen .
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Xarakada Al shabaab oo sheegtay in ay la
wareegeen Deegaanka Masagawaa iyo Galcad oo
ka tirsan Galgaduud.
Saraakiil ka tirsan Al Shabaab ayaa sheegay in saaka
ay dib ula wareegeen degmooyinka Masagawaa iyo
Galcad oo ka tirsan Degmada Ceeldheer ee Gobalka
Waxa ay intaa ku dareen inay haatan ku sugan yihiin
deegaanka Masagawaa iyo Galcad, islamarkaana ay
halkaas ka saareen ahlusnna sida ay hadalka u
dhigeen, iyagoo intaa raaciyay in saacadaha soo socda
ay saxaafada kula hadli doonaan gudaha deegaanada
ay gacanta ku dhigeen.
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Dagaal saaka aroortii kadhacay Gudaha Degmada
Ceelbarde ee Gobolka Bakool.

Dagaal xooggan oo u dhexeeyey ciidamo kala
taabacsan dowladda KMG ah iyo ururka Al-shabaab
ayaa lagu soo waramayaa inuu saaka aroortgii
kadhacay degmada Ceelbarde ee gobolka Bakool.
Dadka deegaanka ayaa sheegay in ciidamo kala
taabacsan dowladda KMG ah iyo Al-shabaab ay saaka
ku dagaalameen gudaha degmada Ceelbarde ee
gobolka Bakool.
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Shir Qarsoodi ah oo ka dhacay Bariga London
kuna saabsan Guluf cusub oo uu wado  Nuur
xog aan ka helay shir ka dhacay bariga London, ayaa
lagu, soo bandhigay, Dastuur lagu, sheegay in Dowlad
gobaleed lagu magaacaabo, southeren Somalia, lagu
maamuli doono, taas oo lagu sheegay, in Resul
wasaarihii hore Ee Nuur cadde uu hogaamin doono
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Dagaalo saaka ka bilowday deegaanada Galcad iyo
Wararka ka imaanaya Deegaanada Galcad iyo
Messega-way oo ka tirsan Degmada Ceeldheer ee
Gobolka Galgaduud ayaa sheegay in dagaalo ay ka
qarxeen, kadib markii deegaanadaas ay gudaha u soo
galeen Xoogag taabacsan Alshabaab.
Sida ay wararku sheegayaan dagaaladan oo goor dhow
bilowday ayaa ka dambeeyay markii Shabaab oo ka soo
duulay dhinaca Sh/Dhexe ay galeen deegaanadaas,
waxaana saaka lagala hortagayu iska caabin adag.
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Qoriga Biiemka iyo hoobiyaha oo xiligaan ku socoto  
agagaraha suuqa bakaaro iyo gudaah suuqa oo
billabme saacadii ciishah Madaficda IO  hobiiyaha
haatan lagu garaacayaa xaafadaha waqoyi ee
magalada mogadishu, iyadoo turayaan ciidamada
afrikanka e ku sugan villa somalia.
Ururka Al-shabaab oo saacado kooban la
Wareegay Gacan ku heynta Degmada Ceel Barde
ee Gobolka Bakool.

waxaa la daabacay Mon 19 Apr 2010
Ciidamada Ururka Al-shabaab ee ka arrimiya gobolada
Bay iyo Bakool ayaa la soo sheegayaa in saacado
koobanay la wareegeen gacan ku heynta degmada
Ceel Barde ee gobolka Bakool.
Ciidamada Al-shabaab ayaa la sheegayaa in ay
degmada gudaha u galeen, isla markaana ay qudabado
u jeediyeen shacabka ku dhaqan degmadaasi.
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Goormuu Axmad Cabdi Salaam ka mid noqday Ahlu
Sunna wal- jamaaca , goormuuse ka baxay
Wahaabiyadii uu taageeri jirey.

warbaahinnada Soomaalida ayaa maalmahanba
baahiynayey in Axmad C/Salaan loo magacaabayo
wasiir uu ku qaadanayo magaca Ahlu Sunna Wal
Jamaaca , taasoo ay wax laga yax yaxo u arkaan
aqonyahamiinta Ahlu Sunna Wal jamaaca.
Khaladaadka noocan oo kale ah ayaa laga filan karaa
dawlad ay awooddeeda gacanta ku hayaan
shakhsiyaad Wahaabiya ah oo si wayn ugu tarax tegey
nacaybka ay u qabaan Ahlu sunna Wal-Jamaaca.
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Muqdisho: Ma dhabaa in Saraakiil ka socota
Milateriga Itoobiya ay joogaan caasumada
19. april 2010  
Muqdisho(AllPuntland)- Maalmihii ugu dambeeyey
waxaa la hadal hayay in Saraakiil sare oo ka socota
Wasaaradda Gaashaandhiga ee dalka Itoobiya ay
joogaan caasumada dalka Soomaaliya ee Muqdisho,
iyagoo saacidaya dawladda KMG ah ee Soomaaliya,
isla markaasna ujeedadoodu tahay kaalmeynta
dawladda KMG ah ee Soomaaliya.
APL ayaa heshay xog cad oo cadeynaysay magacyada
Saraakiisha joogta iyo ujeedada rasmiga ah
uyimaadeen magaalada Muqdisho ee caasumada
Soomaaliya, iyadoo ay xubnahan si qarsoodi ah uga
soo dageen garoonka diyaaradaha ee magaalada
Muqdisho, lana socday mid ka mid masuuliyiinta
dawladda KMG ah.
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Khilaafka Baarlamaanka oo cirka isku shareeray
guux weyn oo ka dhex jira xildhibaana-da
Waxaa cirka isku sii shareeraya khilaafka baarlamaanka
ee ku aadan waqtiga Gudoonka Baarlamaanka, iyadoo
haatan waji kale uu isu rogay qalalaasaha ka dhex
taagan baarlamaanka, kadib markii saacadihii u
dambeeyay magaalada Muqdisho ka bilow-deen dhaq
dhaqaaqyo siyaasadeed iyo kulamo.
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Dowlada Uganda oo fasaxday Soomaali Argagaxiso
lagu heystay.
19 Apr 2010 (Xogta Media) - Lix qof oo Soomaali ah oo
lagu tuhmayay inay xiriir la lee yihiin kooxda al-Shabab
ee dalka Somalia, kuwaasi oo toddobaadkii tagay lagu
xiray dalka Uganda, ayaa la sii daayay, waxaa sidaasi
ogaaday wargeyska Sunday Vision ee Uganda.
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Ciidamda DKMG Soomaaliya oo wado qorshayaal
ay dadka Barakacayaasha ku dhaqan nawaaxiga
Madaxtooyda uga kicineyso..
Ciidamda DKMG Soomaaliya oo wado qorshayaal ay
dadka Barakacayaasha ku dhaqan nawaaxiga
Madaxtooyda uga kicineyso..
In kastoo dad badan oo ku dhaqanaa qeybo badan oo
ka mid ah magaalada Muqdisho ay ku soo qulquleen
deegaanada kale oo dagaalada aysan saameyn ayaa
waxaa laga dareemayay dhamaan deegaanadaasi
zaxmad iyo ciriiri dhanka hoyga ah waxaana dadkaasi
intooda badan ay fadhiisimo ka dhigteen dhismayaashii
hore ee Dowladii hore.
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Ahlu sunna oo shaaca ka qaaday in Xirtooda ay
dagaallo u qoreen.
Ururka Ahlu sunna ayaa waxa ay sheegeen in
dagaaladii ay ka wadeen Gobolada dhexe ee dalka ay
doonayaan iminka in ay u soo wareejiyaan caasimadda
Soomaaliya ee Muqdisho.
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Sheekh Shariif “Aadan Madooboow xilka
Guddoonka Baarlamanka wareeji waxaan kuu
magacaabayaa Wasiir…” Madoobe “Oday Shariifow
warkaas kaa diiday..” Dood kulul oo dhex maray
Aadan Madoobe iyo shariifka.
Madaxda Dowladda KMG ee Soomaaliya ayaa u
muuqdaan kuwo uu hareeyey qilaafaad xoogan taasoo
u muuqata mid salka ku haysa dhanka hogaanka
Saddaxdaasi mas’uul oo qaar ka mid ah shaki la geliyey
xilalkooda, markii ay Xildhibaanada Baarlamanka
Dowladda KMG Mowshin ka dhan ah soo aruuriyeen.
Warar madax banaan oo aan ka helnay Xarunta
Madaxtooyada Villa Somalia ayaa sheegaya dood kulul
in ay dhex martay Sheekh Aadan Madoobe
Guddoomiyaha Baarlamanka Dowladda KMG ee
Soomaaliya iyo Madaxweynaha Dowladda KMG ee
Soomaaliya Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmed.
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Dowlada KMG Soomaaliya oo sheegtay in wax Hub &
Saanad aysan u heyn ciidamda ku sugan gobolka
HiiraanDowlada KMG Soomaaliya oo sheegtay in wax
Hub & Saanad aysa u heyn ciidamda ku sugan
Isagoo la hadlaya waziirka Amniga Dowlada KMG
Soomaali Mr. Sanbaloolsha ayuu sheegay in ciidamda
dowlada ay haatana wadaan dhaqdaqaaq kii ugu
weynaa abid oo ay ku doonayeen sidii ay ugala wareegi
lahaayeen kooxaha ka soo horjeeda siyaasadooda.
Sanbaloolshe ayaa intaasi ku daray in qorsha dagaal
oo ay wado dowlada uu haatan yahay mid ay ka
damacsanyihiin in xiligaan uu noqdo mid mira dhal ah
isagoona ku nuux-nuuxsaday in dowlada KMG ay ka
go'antahay dagaal ay ku qaado kooxaha ka soo
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Khilaaf ka dhaxeeyo Shariif & Aadan Madoobe
{Xog Hoose}.
17 Apr 2010 (Xogta Media) - Kulan xaley 16 April,2010
ka dhacey magaalada Nairobi ee dalka Kenya ayaa
natiijo laáan ku dhamaadey kadib markii Duplomasiyiin
ka tirsan beesha caalamka ku guul dareysteen iney
dhexdhexaadiyaan Guddoomiyaha Barlamanka Sheekh
Aadan Madobe iyo Madaxweynaha Dowladda KMG ah
Sheekh Shariif.
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Gudoomiye ku xigeenkii 2aad golaha
barlamanka Cusman Cilmi Boqore oo xilkiisii
iska casilay Isaga oo iraan ku sugan .

Gudoomiye ku xigeenkii 2aad golaha barlamanka
Cusman Cilmi Boqore oo xilkiisii iska casilay Isaga oo
iraan ku sugan .
Gudoomiye ku xigeenkii 2 aad oo golaha shirgudoonka
barlamanka dowlada fadaraalka KMG somaliya oo
sheegay in uu xilkiisii iska casilay xili uu ku sugan yahay
dalka iiraan ka idb markii uu sheegay in tixgalin iyo
qadarin la siin waayey .
Mr Boqore ayaa saxaafada u sheegay in uu horey
madaxweynaha ugu gudbiyey warqad uu ku sheegay in
gudoomiyaha barlamanaka sh adan Maxamed Nuur
aadan madoobe iyo ku xigeenadiisa uu waqtigii ka
dhacay uguna ekaa bishii 8aad sida ay qabaan
xildhibaano badan uuna ka waayey wax wada shaqeyn
Iscalsilluhu wuxuu inta ku darey is casilaadiisa in uu
warqad aan kaga cabaneynay gudoomiyahay golaha
shirgudoonka Sh adan maxamed Nuur ( Adan Mdoobe )
waxeyna u direen madaxweyne Sheekh Shariif Sheekh
Axmed isaga iyo Prof dalxa taasna uu ku guul dareystay
in uu ka helo wax jawaab ah
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Ciidamo loo tababaray dowladda KMG oo khilaaf
uu ka taagan yahay.
Ciidamo dowladda KMG loogu tababaray dalka
Yugandha oo gaaraya ilaa 2-kun askari ayaa
tababarkooda waxaa ka dhashay khilaaf soo kala dhex
galay mas’uuliyiin ka tirsan dalalka reer Yurub ee
bixiyey qarashaadka ku baxay tababarkooda.
Ciidamadan oo ay tababarkooda ka qeyb qaateen
tababarayaal ka kala socday dalalka Mareykanka,
Midowga Afrika iyo Midowga Yurub ayaa dhaqaalaha ku
baxay waxaa bixinayay Midowga Yurub, waxaana la
sheegay in dowladdii ugu badneyd ee dhaqaalaha ku
bixisay tabababarkaasi uu dhexdeeda khilaaf ku
saabsan tababarka ciidamaadasi ka aloosmay.
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Aadan Madoobe oo Muqdisho soo gaaray iyo
madaafiic lagu soo dhaweeyey.
Wararka naga soo gaaraya Caasimada Magaalada
Muqdisho ayaa sheegaya in goor dhow garoonka
Diyaaradaha Magaalada Muqdisho ka soo dagay wafdi
uu hogaaminayo Guddoomiyaha Baarlamanka
Dowladda KMG ee Soomaaliya Sheekh Aadan Madoobe.

Madaafiic dhowr ah ayaa lagu garaacay Garoonka
diyaaradaha magaalada Muqdisho markii ay ka soo
dageen Guddoomiyaha Baarlamanka Sheekh Aadan
Madoobe iyo in ka badan 70 xildhibaan oo wehliyey
wafdiga Guddoonka Baarlamanka.
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Sharfi Xasan Sh Adan oo wiilkiisa ka dhigay hanti
dhowrka maaliyada bixinta Pasaboorada
Safaaradda Soomaliya Dubai (Xog rasmi ah)
Ma ahan arrin cusub in madaxweyne, ra'isulwasaare
ama qof jaga sare dowlada KMGS ka heysa ay si
xigtonimo ah wax u magacaabaan, hase yeeshee waxa
wax cusub oo lala yaabo ah in nin wasiir maaliyadeed
ah uu wiilkiisa u magacaabo jago hanti dhowris ah sidaa
waxaa suuqyada isla dhex marayo dadka u dhuun
daloolo siyaasada.
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U.S. Policy in

However, the United
States does
not plan, does not
direct, and does not
coordinate the
operations of the
TFG, and we have
not and will not
be providing direct
support for any
potential military
offensives. Further,
we are not providing
nor paying
for military advisors
for the TFG. There
is no desire
to Americanize the
conflict in Somalia.
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Saado Cali Warsame click to see
Saado Cali oo
qaaday hees ay
caroodeen reer
Somaliland oo
nabar xanuunbadan
ku noqotay maxay
Fanaanada Saado
Cali Warsame oo
lagu tilmaamo
geesiyad, isla
markaana leh coda
ad u macaan iyo
habmasraxeed ay
ku muteysatay
in magacyo badan
loogu yeero,
sida Cunaabi, Sara
joog halgiriley
iyo halheesyo kale
ayaa waxaa to
dobaadkan soo
badhigtay hees
ay ku muujineyso
sida ay uga soo
horjeedo gooni isu
taaga Somaliland,
waxaana heestaasi
ku caraadineysaa
dadka ka soo jeedo
Laascaano in ay k
ahor yimaadaan
Gooni isu
to see the
vedio  taagaasi.
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ku jira
Dayniile iyo
Keysaney oo
la gaarsiiyay
Axad, Mar 21,
2010 (HOL) -
Kaalmo lacageed
oo gaaraysa
1,800-Dollar ayaa
loo qaybiyay
dhaawacyada ku
jira Isbitaallada

, Madiina iyo
oo ay ku jiraan
dadkii ku dhaawa
cmay dagaalladii
ka dhacay Mag
n kaalm
ada ah ayaa
waxay isugu jirtay
ay ku deeqeen
urur ay leeyihiin
haween Soomaali
ah oo lagu
Aadami iyo
Soomaaliyeed oo
ku nool dalka
Holland, waxaana
qaybisay Caasho
Cusmaan Ugaas
Isbitaallada laga
qaybiyay lacagtan
deeqda ah ayaa
waxaa ku jira dad
isugu jira Haween,
Rag, Waayeen
iyo Caruur,
waxyeello ay
kasoo gaartay
xabbada iyo
madaafiicda ay
dhinacyada ku
How did Prophet Isa
look like or as
western know him as
Jessus look like click
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Burj Khalifa
The tallest
building in the
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Hillary Clinton tells
Israel to stop
'settlement activity'
provoking Palestine
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What Does a
Terrorist Look